Rental Process

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To secure a rental property, all prospective tenants must sign a rental application and a deposit equal to one months rent must be collected. Please go to download forms for an application. An application and deposit does not exclusively reserve a property – a lease contract signed by all tenants binds the transaction.
3. approval process
The approval process typically takes 1-5 business days. Students generally need to supply the following information (if document title is underlined, please click on the document title to go to the download forms page).

  • Guarantor Form – A legal document signed by the parents of each student. Because students usually do not have two years of continuous employment and/or extensive job history, landlords ask parents to guarantee the lease. This form must be signed and notarized and the original must be mailed to Symphony properties.
  • Credit Checks – a credit check will typically be done on all Applicants and Guarantors.
  • Employment Verification – A verbal or written employment verification will be conducted on Applicants and Guarantors.
  • Landlord Verification – Verbal or written landlord verifications are administered if there is a prior rental history.
4. sign a lease
Upon approval, all tenants will sign the following (please click on document title to go to download forms):

  • Standard and Fixed Term Lease – This contract binds the terms and conditions of the transaction and provides necessary addresses and contact information.
  • Rental and Security Deposit Receipt – This form documents the amounts and holding guidelines of all funds collected in advance (ie first months rent , last months rent and security deposit).
    ***The total prepaid funds actually collected from the tenants in the rental process, including a one month brokerage fee, is currently determined by current market conditions. In a strong rental market, tenants will be expected to pay most if not all of these prepaid funds – the landlord may expect less prepaids in a weaker market.***
  • Apartment Condition Statement – The purpose of this form is for the tenant(s) to document all defects of all property within 15 days of move-in to avoid responsibility for prior damages.
Symphony Properties will make your move-in as convenient as possible. Please go tomove-in info for a complete list of contacts to assist you in the transition… We are always available to fulfill any of your housing needs. Thank you for putting your trust in Symphony Properties.