Selling Process

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Once Symphony Properties procures a buyer for your home, both parties will execute an offer to purchase. The primary purpose of this contract is to establish the selling price and the time line of the transaction.The offer to purchase is typically subject to the following:

  1. Satisfactory home inspection
  2. Satisfactory review of condominium documents and budget or home owner association, if applicable
  3. Satisfactory purchase and sales agreement
  4. Mortgage contingency for financing approval
  5. Pest inspection


After the offer is signed, Symphony Properties assumes the following responsibilities on the sellers’ behalf:

  • Contact the management company/association to obtain condominium documents, budget, minutes to meetings, insurance information and all other related data.
  • Schedule and attend the home inspection and provide follow-up with additional information/documentation.
  • Act as liaison between seller and his/her legal council (i.e. Documentation transfers, communication of all parties, negotiations, etc…)
  • Pre-qualify the buyer to determine creditworthiness
  • Administer all contact with tenants, if applicable, with regard to showings/inspections, move out, repairs, etc…
  • Provide appropriate references to seller for repairs, attorneys, accountants, movers, etc…


Once the purchase and sales agreement is signed, the most important pending contingency is the mortgage commitment (step 4). Symphony Properties will diligently update the seller as to the status of the financing.
After the buyer receives the commitment letter from the bank, Symphony Properties will prepare to close on the property. Below are steps that will be taken on the sellers’ behalf:

  • Acquire a 6D certificate from Management Company or trustee that certifies that all common area charges are paid thru the closing date.
  • Obtain a certificate of compliance from the fire department (valid for 60 days). This certifies that all smoke detector are in good working order.
  • If applicable, get a final water and sewer reading statement (not applicable for condominiums)
  • Get keys for the closing
  • Contact the bank attorney to provide all closing documents and accounting for the transaction.
  • Contact utility companies to close accounts.
  • Assist in tenant move out or transfers if applicable.


At the closing, the seller transfers title to the buyer and receives the proceeds from the transaction. The closing is typically held at the office of the bank attorney and takes about 1 – 1.5 hours.For financial planning purposes, below is an estimate of seller closing costs for a typical transaction**:

  • Attorney fees (from purchase & sale through closing) – $800 – $1200
  • Deed preparation – $150
  • 6D certificate – $50
  • Certificate of compliance – $40
  • Tax Stamps (paid to city/town – $4.56/thousand of selling price) – VARIES
  • Miscellaneous costs (record deed, courier, etc.) – $500

** These figures are estimates only and may differ from sale to sale. Closing cost estimates do not include real estate commission.


Congratulations on a successful sale! Thank you for putting your trust in Symphony Properties. If you choose to share your experience with family or friends we hope to provide excellent service to your referrals.